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site for folding dimensions

2019, Poznań, Poland, happening

I invited my colleagues and professors for a guided tour with cupboard. We met on one of the bulky waste disposal area poetically called by google translate ‘site for folding dimensions’. Google translate also functioned as a voice-over for a video I showed in a miniature living room, emerging out of plucks of felt inside the cupboard. Apart from an iPhone posing as a flat screen, you could find different attributes in the cupboard for performances and interaction. We collectively folded a blok. This blok is imprinted in my mind as my mother’s student home, as well as printed on a enormous bedsheet. I told fables about me and my family and participants visited the vegetable market with me, as well as the dom kultury where we had a cup of tea. On our way we washed our hands of sin and viruses.

Documentation by Joanna Pietrowicz

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