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2022, Obrońców Stalingradu, Szczecin

S P A C E R: a Polish-English wordplay as title, explaining how space relates to movement and travel.

A solo-exhibition about different spacial works that have been created over the past 5 years. The spaces refer to real life places that the artist is strongly connected to. In her personal life, travel form one of these points to the other, defines her being in the world, moving in between two (or three) home-countries: Longing for one place while being in the other, but always feeling at home, also during travel.


During the exhibition visitors could make themselves comfortable in a train-department, fixing there hair in the work called WARS  and having a look at the Patrimony of the artist in Holland. Apart from experiencing these spaces themselves, sitting down on grass, in a closet (called a Besdstee) and conversing with the person across from you in train, there was also a View on the past shown.

This view on the past, is a movie called @Home, which, similar to a tradition in Western painting is a virtual window upon the world. Where once paintings on walls where windows to different places, we now rely on screens to connect with the outside world while staying inside. The artist her dissertation work was once planned as a community project in front of her mother's former house. Because of a lockdown however, all the artistic work was presented in real-time in different virtual locations on the Google Maps Globe. Viewers where presented with the works in there own home on the screen of there personal computer. A travel from her balcony, with a view on both her mother and uncle's formers living quarters, to the current houses of family in Europe, creating homes for the artist to retrieve in, both physically and mentally.


The recording of this work resulted in a movie. Shown on the last wall to be seen as you visit the gallery, it draws parallels, not only directly to the works shown in previous exhibition rooms, but also to the way the viewer visited the space, walking from the train, over polder grass and through Polish blokowiska. 

spacer1front do druku.jpg

Illustration and poster design: Michał Tkacz

Photographic documentation: Kamil Becker

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